Wearable Intelligence


The system gathers your biometric data from multiple wearable sensors. The data is delivered to the analytics engine for continuous real-time feedback and insight.

One data point is information. Several are an advantage

Performance measurement is more than a heart rate and an algorithm. 

Now you can analyze loading, heart rate, stress metrics, temperature, gait and movement data together in real-time. 

Instead of evaluating the past, shape the future

Physical performance measurement is used to require the confines of a lab. 

Safety performance required evaluating accidents after the fact. 

Mindset performance could be measured with an fMRI machine. 

Now you can shape your performance in real-time in any environment.

Individuals are different, so are the environments they operate in

You have unique physical strengths and weaknesses. 

Your environment can range from extreme to mundane.

Choose the data you require and create the optimal exenervous system for your team. 


Always be confident with continuous, real-time data. 

How it works

A series of discrete wearable nSense sensors gather microdata from various paces on the body.

The microdata transmit continuously from EdgeSense to the analytics engine. 

The analytics engine evaluates all the metrics you choose in real-time, evaluates and provides key insights.

Ways to use the exonervous system

Customized training based on an individual’s real-time data and situational responses. 

Accident prevention and harm reduction through multifactorial fatigue evaluation. 

Mindset preparation using data for optimized performance.

Data-driven skill development in real-life environments for physical performance.

In a distracted chaotic world, the exonervous system is the missing piece of the human performance matrix.

Anthony King

Anthony King

Co-founder and CEO

I have been focused on empowering others with the knowledge and technology to improve and protect the quality of their lives at home, at the office, and on the field.

Mark Gorelick, PhD

Mark Gorelick, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer

A health professional, biomedical specialist, product developer, researcher, educator, and digital health thought leader with advanced industry knowledge in the clinical, educational, and private health sectors.

Hussein Hallak

Hussein Hallak

Strategy & Product Marketing

Built over 20 companies. Specialized in strategic planning, innovative marketing, and lean thinking. Strategic advisor for several successfully funded tech, blockchain, and impact startups.

Christy Lane, PhD

Christy Lane, PhD

Advisor, Data Science, Wearable Analytics, Academic Ambassador

Chair of Health and Physical Education, Startup Founder, Top 40 under 40, Women in STEM. Professor and exercise scientist with expertise in digital health data, wearable devices, and rehabilitation medicine.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand

Advisor, Health Technology, Product Development, Sports Technology

Developing a blood filter to protect organs from Covid, Sepsis, Acute Kidney Injury, Chronic Kidney Disease, NASH, Fibrosis, and more.

Barry Perkins

Barry Perkins

Advisor, Strategic Solutions, Business Development

Solution-oriented leader, strategist, and business development professional with over 30 years of proven excellence who solves complex problems with breakthrough thinking, careful research, qualitative & quantitative analytics, thoughtful decisions, innovative solutions, and collaborative negotiations.

Galen Udell

Galen Udell

Advisor, Investor Relations, Business Development - Human Performance

25+ yrs international sales and marketing management experience with IBM and Belden, followed by 5 yrs as startup founder, advisor and investor.

Tristram Waye

Tristram Waye

Strategy, Market Intelligence, Content

Entrepreneur, Content Strategist, 18 years in the Capital Markets

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